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Industrial and Systems Engineering Competition, also called ISEEC, is an annual industrial engineering competition held by Ikatan Mahasiswa Teknik Industri Universitas Indonesia (IMTI UI) for industrial engineering students. Formerly known as Lomba Keilmuan Teknik Industri or LKTI, the competition was first organized in 2001 and has grown from a national-scale tournament attracting participants from over 200 universities, to currently, an international event for all industrial engineering students worldwide.





Air transportation has become one of the most important modes of transport in Indonesia. The increasing passenger demand for both domestic and international flights has driven this importance and it has required airport to be more competitive in managing its infrastructure and operational deliveries. Considering how important the aviation industry right now, ISEEC is bringing “Strategic Management in Aviation Industry” for this year’s theme.



Form of competition: Online Selection

Number of Participant: unlimited teams from each university (each team must consist of 4 members)

Preliminary Stage is an online test selection which will test participants’ understanding about Industrial and Systems Engineering. The top 20 teams with the highest scores will be invited to join the next stages of ISEEC 2018 at Universitas Indonesia, Depok.


Form of competition: Industrial and Systems Engineering Quotient Test

Number of Participant: Top 20 teams

The goal of this stage is to test the basic knowledge and concept of the participants, referring to scientific matters of Industrial and Systems Engineering in general. Participants will be given questions regarded to the subject in the syllabus.


Form of Competition: Simulation Gaming

Number of Participant: Top 20 teams

In this stage, all the groups will play a serious board game simulation. All participants shall apply the best strategy to obtain an optimum result. There will only be five groups passing this stage with the highest accumulation points from 1st stage and 2nd stage.


Form of Competition: Real Case Study

Number of Participant: Top 5 teams

The final stage will showcase the top five groups challenged as industrial and systems engineers to solve a real case obtained from the company excursion the day before. The solutions that are offered will be presented to a panel of judges, which will have academicians and practitioners. From this stage, the winner of ISEEC 2018 will be decided.


$ 2000

1st place

$ 1250

2nd place

$ 750

3rd place


  1. Open Registration

    November 22nd, 2017 until December 31st, 2017

    Please, click the link below to see the Registration Guideline

    Please, click the link below to see the Booklet


    January 8th, 2018 until January 11th, 2018
  3. First Elimination Round

    February 20th, 2018
  4. Second Elimination Round

    February 21st, 2018

    February 23rd, 2018


February 23 2018


Here are the winners of ISEEC 2018!ㅤㅤ1. Volant Opportuna - Institut Teknologi Bandung2. Philosophy - Universitas Indonesia3. Three Plus One - Institut Teknologi BandungㅤㅤCongratulations to all the winners and see you next year Solution Seekers!ㅤ...

February 23 2018

23th February 2018

Hello Solution Seekers!The last day of ISEEC 2018 began with the final stage at Vocation Auditorium, University of Indonesia. The final stage went intensely and each team gave their best for the presentation in front of the judges. The last event was...

February 23 2018

22th February 2018

Hello Solution Seekers!As the fourth day of ISEEC 2018, all participants get the chance to visit remarkable companies. The top five finalists of ISEEC 2018 get to experience excursion to PT Angkasa Pura II in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport and...

February 23 2018

21th February 2018

On the third day of ISEEC 2018, Stage 2 which is board games had commenced at Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Indonesia. After this stage, a Gala Dinner was held at the Margo Hotel to announce 5 teams that surpassed the last two s...

February 23 2018

20th February 2018

Hello Solution Seekers!Here are the glimpses of the second day of ISEEC 2018, Stage 1 was held at Engineering Center, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia which competition consist of Multiple Choice and Essay for 20 teams, and continued w...

February 23 2018

19th February 2018

Hello Solution Seekers!Opening Ceremony ISEEC 2018 was held at Margo Hotel which symbolizes the beginning of ISEEC 2018 on Monday, 18th February 2018. Expert Talk's which takes place after Opening Ceremony was filled with credible speakers to heighte...

February 23 2018

December 30 2017


What is a confirmation letter? It's a formal letter signed by each participant’s Head of Department (or anyone with equal status as head of department), confirming each participant’s active status as Industrial/Systems Engineering or Operation M...

November 26 2017

Greetings, Solution Seekers!

ㅤㅤITS THE FIRST DAY OF OPENING REGISTRATION!ㅤㅤThe wait is over! Registration period will be open from Nov 22 until Dec 31, 2017. Go get your team signed up by register them at our website iseec-ui.com. ㅤㅤJoin us, solve the case and be...

November 18 2017

Prepare Your Team

Hello, Solution Seekers!ㅤㅤThe wait is almost over because it is D-5 to the opening of ISEEC 2018's registration!ㅤㅤMake sure to prepare yourselves and register your team on November 22nd. ㅤㅤFor further informationInstagram/Twitter : iseec_uiWebs...

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